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Paint South guarantees a safe and beautiful interior commercial painting project in Atlanta by using only high-quality paint, delivering a stunning and long-lasting finish that enhances your space.

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Screened Painters

Paint South ensures a safe and beautiful interior commercial painting project in Atlanta by exclusively employing screened painters, providing a secure and visually stunning transformation every time.

Is it time to repaint your interior? If your paint is in disrepair, it's important to address the issue promptly. Damaged, faded or unsightly paint can negatively affect your image. The Paint South team can quickly transform the look of your interior space. With more than 15 years of experience, we can handle any commercial interior painting project in Atlanta GA.

What Can Commercial Interior Painting Do for Your Business?

Interior paint creates a good first impression when it looks attractive. These are some things you can accomplish when professionals repaint your interior.

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Create a Specific Atmosphere

Paint colors can have significant effects on people who enter your building. Different colors can reflect moods or feelings. With the right paint color, you can make people feel cheerier. You can make them feel calmer or more energetic. We'll be happy to help you find colors that suit your goals.

Build a Brand or Rebrand

The wrong paint colors or designs can look confusing. However, the right ones can strengthen your brand or reinforce your image. Our team can help you compare color options to find what works for you.

Organize Your Space

Do you have a large building with multiple departments or floors? Paint can help reduce confusion in such places. For example, you can use a different paint color on each level. If you have a single-floor building, you can use different colors to separate departments.

Cover Damage or Stains

Properly preparing and painting a surface can hide a myriad of issues. The paint covers unsightly stains and some imperfections. Also, we can fill holes and cracks. Our team can repair minor damage as well. Those extra steps make your interior surfaces look newer and more attractive with fresh paint.

Protect Interior Surfaces

The right paint can help protect walls, ceilings and other interior surfaces. Paint is a great solution for minimizing moisture damage and mold risks. It's especially important in commercial kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms. Any room with humidity should always have paint that's in good condition.

Raise Property Value

Interior paint adds value to your commercial property. That extra boost is a nice benefit if you're planning to lease or sell your building. Photos showing the new interior paint can also help entice buyers or tenants.

Why Choose Our Commercial Interior Painters?

When it comes to overall value, there's no better choice than professional painters. Handymen and independent contractors may lack expertise, insurance and professional tools. Working with our team gives you multiple benefits.


We can work when it suits you. Our team tries to work during slow times, closures or other convenient times. We know that even a short interruption can be costly for any business. With our experience, we know how to plan to avoid interruptions and delays. Our painters always finish commercial painting jobs on time.


Our painters have experience preparing and painting every type of interior surface. We provide them with the latest equipment, which produces better results and improves efficiency. They understand all the unique properties of various surfaces and paints. That knowledge helps them avoid damaging surfaces and correctly apply the right paint. All those factors are essential for a seamless, long-lasting finish.


Since we want you to trust us, we work hard to earn it. Our company conducts a thorough vetting for all our painters. They adhere to our strict code of conduct, and they take pride in doing excellent work. Rest assured that they will treat your customers, staff and building with the utmost respect. Our painters and their work are fully insured to give you the peace of mind you deserve. We're also licensed to show that we care about our reputation.

Guaranteed Quality

We don't settle for anything less than the highest standards at every step. Our company always uses top-of-the-line paint brands as well. With all the work we put into our craft, we're proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your new paint is also under warranty for two years.

Commercial Painters for All Atlanta Businesses

Our commercial painters can coat walls, ceilings, doors, frames and other interior surfaces. Since we have plenty of experience, we're familiar with the needs of different types of businesses. We can help strip malls and retail stores find the perfect colors to entice customers. Our team exercises a high degree of care in medical clinics, restaurants or other sanitary environments. We know how to work efficiently in noisy, busy or challenging environments. Our team can paint banks, educational facilities, warehouses, public facilities and many other structures.

Plan Your Commercial Interior Painting Project in Atlanta GA

If you're ready to see interior improvements, Paint South is here to make them happen. Our thorough and efficient interior painters create exceptional results at competitive rates. We'll stay within budget and won't surprise you with any hidden costs. Please contact us for a free commercial interior painting estimate in Atlanta GA.

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