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Paint South ensures a safe and beautiful exterior commercial painting project in Atlanta by using only high-quality paint, delivering a stunning and long-lasting finish that enhances your property.

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Paint South guarantees a safe and beautiful exterior commercial painting project in Atlanta by exclusively employing vetted painters, ensuring a secure and visually stunning transformation every time.

Painting your commercial building comes with many benefits. Whether you're rebranding or moving to a new space, Paint South can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. We have more than 15 years of commercial painting experience in Atlanta GA. Let our team of professional, conscientious commercial painters help you plan your next project.

Advantages of Paint for Your Commercial Property

Both interior and exterior paint can send powerful messages to customers and staff. Keeping your paint in good condition shows that you care about the building. If you're a business owner, it means you care about staff and customers. If you're a commercial landlord, it means you care about your property. Additionally, it may help you attract better tenants.

Paint also has protective benefits. Although exterior paint is especially important for protection, interior paint helps protect walls and other surfaces. Exterior paint helps prevent water damage by repelling moisture. Filling holes or cracks before painting also reduces pest risks.

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The color of your paint is important. Setting a goal can help you choose the right color. For example, you may want the exterior paint to match your brand's color scheme. On the interior, you may have multiple goals. You can use different colors to distinguish levels or departments. With the right color, you can create a mood in a room. For instance, a cool color can help employees feel relaxed in a break room. In a gym, brighter colors can create a more energetic atmosphere for customers. If you need help picking a color, our painting team can help.

Another benefit of repainting is a higher property value. Both interior and exterior paint come with a value boost. That's especially helpful if you plan to lease spaces in your building.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Commercial Painters

Hiring professionals offers more value than working with handymen or asking the maintenance team to paint. When you have your staff paint, you may lose money if someone gets injured. Working with handymen or other unlicensed people presents the same risks. Although you may find general contractors who paint, they usually don't specialize in commercial painting. Whenever someone makes changes to your business property, it's crucial to pick trustworthy entities. These are some benefits of working with our commercial painters.

Minimized Downtime

Every operational minute has value, and our team understands that. We're flexible with work schedules and can paint when it's convenient. If you're planning a shutdown, we'll try to paint then. Whenever we work during operational hours, we try to stay out of the way. We're mindful of where we put ladders and other supplies. Since we use top-level equipment, we work fast. However, we don't cut corners. Our painters will finish your project on time.

Skills and Expertise

We require pre-employment screenings for painters. Our team members have verifiable skills and know the correct methods of commercial painting. A long-lasting result requires proper preparation, the right paint product and the right painting techniques. Correct preparation methods also help prevent damage. Our team is familiar with preparing and painting both interior and exterior surfaces. Also, we only use top-quality paint brands.

No Liabilities

You won't have to worry about paying for potential injuries. We're fully insured to cover our team and our work. However, our competent painters are familiar with every safety rule and work carefully to avoid injuries. They're also careful to avoid damaging your property.

Satisfaction Guarantee

After we finish painting, your new commercial paint has a two-year warranty. We're confident in offering this benefit with our in-depth process. Also, we guarantee your satisfaction with our service. We're committed to putting our customers first every step of the way.

Commercial Painting Contractors Serving All Industries

We're familiar with the needs of commercial customers in many industries. For example, we understand the high-level sanitation requirements for hospitals, dental clinics and commercial kitchens. We understand the sales-driven approaches that inspire paint choices for retail stores and grocery stores. Our flexible team can also work in a wide variety of atmospheres. They maintain efficiency in noisy warehouses or gyms. They're mindful of privacy concerns in banks, educational facilities and office buildings. We'll discuss your needs with you and develop a comprehensive plan that meets your unique goals.

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Paint South is here to deliver exceptional commercial painting results in Atlanta GA. We paint exterior siding, fascia, trim, doors and more. Also, we paint interior walls, ceilings, door frames and other surfaces. We know how to estimate supplies and labor accurately to avoid going over budget. For a free commercial painting estimate, please contact us.

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