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Paint South ensures a safe and beautiful exterior painting project in Atlanta by using only high-quality paint, delivering a stunning and long-lasting finish that enhances your home.

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Paint South guarantees a safe and beautiful exterior house painting project by exclusively employing vetted painters, ensuring a secure and visually stunning transformation every time.

Have you noticed mold, stains or peeling paint on your house? Those are a few signs that it's time to repaint the exterior. Paint is an important part of any preventative maintenance strategy. When you have paint that's in good condition, it creates a moisture barrier on your siding. Since Georgia is a state with many moisture-related risks, it's important to keep up with exterior painting. Paint South can help with all your residential painting needs. We've been providing exterior house painting services to the Atlanta GA area for over 20 years. Our team paints condos, single-family homes and more. In addition to siding, we paint garages, doors, shutters and more.

Exterior Painting: Our Recipe for Success

Although there are plenty of talented DIY enthusiasts, we're confident that our process provides the best value. We put a lot of effort into creating lasting results that are beautiful and functional. These are the reasons why customers love our work.

Exterior Painters in Atlanta GA

Meticulous Preparation

Improperly removing old paint is a common mistake that DIY painters and handymen often make. Using the wrong tools can damage siding or other exterior surfaces. Failing to remove old paint can cause new paint to come off early and look bad. Since painting is our specialty, we have the right tools to safely and effectively remove paint. Our outside house painters know the various properties of exterior surfaces and which tools to use on each one. When our team paints, they look for holes and cracks to fix as well. Also, they can fix other types of minor damage.

The Right Paint

There are right and wrong paints for different surfaces. Our exterior painters know which primers and paints to use on any exterior surface. Also, they know the right methods for applying paint. The number of years exterior paint lasts depends on weather, damage and other factors. However, we use high-quality paint brands that are known for durability.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

With all the work we put into doing a great job, it makes sense to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We'll give you a two-year warranty on your new paint for no extra charge. We're confident in our competent painters and their skills. Our company hires painters who pass our strict vetting process and demonstrate good workmanship.

Exterior Painting on Your Terms

You're the boss when it comes to our painters working at your home. We'll listen to you to determine what you need from us. We're sensitive to the individual concerns our customers express. We'll be happy to discuss our safety plan and tell you what each step involves. Our exterior painters will learn about your schedule and will try to stay out of your way. They'll be mindful of where they put supplies, tools and ladders. Also, they'll be careful to avoid blocking doors or obstructing garages for long periods.

Amazing and Fast Results

You won't have to worry about delays when you choose us. We've been planning all sizes of residential painting projects for decades and know what to expect. We mitigate issues before they become problems. Our team ensures that they have the right paints, tools and supplies when they arrive. We take pride in completing painting jobs on time.

The Exact Color You Want

Many people who work with handymen end up with a disappointing result and no recourse. You won't lose money on an unsatisfactory result when we paint. Our team knows how to help you envision paint colors before you make any final decisions. We'll happily provide you with a color consultation if you need help developing ideas. We can create specific schemes if you have examples or descriptions. Additionally, our painters can discuss exterior finish types with you.

Affordable Rates for Professional Exterior House Painting Services

When you consider all the benefits discussed earlier, hiring professionals offers the best value. You have the assurance that you won't spend more than expected or have no recourse if you're unsatisfied. We'll make it right if you're unhappy with the result. However, we're confident that you'll love our work and our friendly team of outside house painters.

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Are you ready to schedule your house painting project? Our exterior painters are eager to show you why we have so many satisfied customers. We strive to offer flexible scheduling options and will discuss our hours with you. Please contact Paint South for a free exterior house painting estimate in Atlanta GA.

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